As an Alpinist, Matt has experienced and appreciated the natural beauty of mountains all over the world. Hes had success climbing some of the hardest routes, lost friends, had failures but has also formed unbreakable friendships that these life-changing moments can bring. His motivation is always strong, from every training session to every climb. 

Corporate Lectures

Climbing, with the challenges it brings both physically and mentally, can have parallels in respect of how your business is run and how you wish your colleagues to act and prepare themselves in their own working environment. Matt's inspirational and motivational presentations will instil confidence, psych and self belief.

Climbing Public Lectures.

Whether presenting his latest movie or sharing one of his expedition experiences, Matts lectures to the climbing public will no doubt inspire as he seeks out his first ascents in some of the most inaccessible terrain on earth.   

When Matt came and did a lecture at The Climbing Academy it was a sell-out. Not only was the story something that people really wanted to hear, Matt’s relaxed, knowledgeable style had people completely enthralled. With great imagery, real adventure and quality presenting, we’d always recommend Matt as a speaker.
— Rich Emerson, Director, The Climbing Academy
Matt is very much a ‘friend of the Festival’ and has lectured at Kendal several times. Always entertaining and enthusiastic, Matt has an instinct for what the audience wants. And because he’s one of the world’s top alpinists, let alone the UK, Matt has a great depth of experience and understanding of the mountain and adventure world. The trick is to appeal to climbers and non-climbers alike, a skill that Matt has mastered and explains why he is in much demand as a speaker.
— Clive Allen, Director, Kendal Mountain Festival
Matt is a great Ambassador for Patagonia and, when presenting to live audiences, is a powerful voice for the mission and values of the company.
— Alex Weller, Marketing Director, Patagonia